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Dr. Tom Funnell, Optometrist

Your vision headquarters

Dr. Funnell provides vision care for the whole family. Comprehensive exams include tests for vision health like glaucoma, cataracts macular degeneration, allergies, and infections. We check focus and eye teamwork for reading, school, work, distance, and computer tasks.

Front of Office Computerized vision testing enhances examination of your vision health and performance. We will provide a full explanation of your vision conditions and treatment options. We will inform your general health provider of important findings. We welcome questions.

Emergency eye health care for injury, infection, or allergy with treatments that include prescription medication is available 24 hours a day. Call with a problem, well work you in!

Vision Surgery Co-management

We work actively with several local surgeons to help our patients that seek surgical care. Special tests help evaluate your potential for success. We explain your options, benefits, and risks. We provide pre-op and post-op care with the surgeon. We help with your post surgical vision care services.

LASIK is a laser treatment choice that now offers new options to patients. Its quick, comfortable, and highly successful. The range of treatment is still expanding.

RADIAL KERATOTOMY still may be a good choice for the mildly near sighted or astigmatism patient. The Mini RK is also quick comfortable, and very successful.

NEW ADVANCES coming in surgical technique will continue to offer more choices. Find out more about new procedures

Attractive Comfortable Eyewear

Your individual needs are met by our friendly, very experienced licensed opticians. We help you enjoy eyewear that looks great and feels good too.

We feature a wide variety of great frame styles for fashion, work, sports, or home. Armani, Tura, Laura Ashley, Hobie, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and many more are available. We can meet your personal needs.

Thinner, lighter lenses can enhance your vision comfort and performance. New Transitions changeable tint lenses are available in a variety of colors and materials.

Expert adjustment and repairs are available. We Feature Prompt & Friendly Service

Contact Lens Clinical Care

Dr. Funnell has provided the opportunity for success with all types of contact lenses for over 20 years. Our clinical care covers evaluation, fitting, training, lens care advice, and follow-up care for all year.

DISPOSABLE soft contacts are convenient, comfortable, and patients love them. Daily wear, extended wear, and recreational wear uses are available.

ASTIGMATISM soft contacts now have more choices including several new multi-pack lens options.

GAS-PERMEABLE contacts have made advances.

BIFOCAL or contacts can help replace reading glasses. We love questions about contact lenses for you or your family.


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We work with over 50 vision insurance plans. Call and ask our helpful staff about your coverage.

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